African american female friend with benifits

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A love affair can be a marvelous thing when two people who know they have no long-term potential hook up for a moment or string of moments in time.

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These types of relationships have the potential to teach people about themselves and others, but unfortunately, friends with benefits relationships are the opposite of romantic affairs. Along with organized religion and politics, our generation has shunned traditional marriages for better or worse. Many have blamed this on hookup culture, and sure hooking up can be toxic, but the real culprit here is friends with benefits.

These types of agreements always start the same and if you still do the following past 30 and desire traditional marriage and children, you must stop immediately. Peep the scenario: girl meets guy at a bar or club. Note: if it ends here, no harm no foul. That was a rhetorical. The main issue when it comes to friends with benefits, is that usually one half of the pair wants something more, whether from that person, or in life in general. The difference between this and an affair however, is that one person typically has feelings, while the other is biding their time until something better comes along.

Therein lies the problem with the business of friends with benefits. This set up is especially detrimental for cis women in their childbearing years. Ladies, stop wasting your eggs on these no good men.

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However, past a certain age, spending your time with Mr. You are taking up space where the right person can fit in. Most of the time in friends with benefits scenarios, two people would actually make a great team.

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Compatibility is typically high, and so is the chemistry. This is why they are so addicting. In the past, men and women would work together to become better versions of themselves through partnership and commitment. Just as often, guys will pass up potential mates based on what their friends think is hot. Elizabeth Aguirre is a digital writer and project manager living and working in Chicago, Il.

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African american female friend with benifits

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