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Published by Ana Djurovic. If you feel that something's not quite right when it comes to your relationship, don't instantly blame it on yourself. If your boyfriend's behavior is intolerable, then it's time to think a bit more about his actions. It takes two serious and mature people to build a stable and quality relationship.

One cannot simply do it on your own. Of course, no one is perfect, but there are some bad qualities in a man that you should definitely be aware of. Here are the 12 most common traits of a bad boyfriend. As I said, we are all different. If you two have different interests, hobbies, or plans and he thinks that his are more important, or if he even laughs Bad boyfriend checklist your life choices and states that they are stupid and irrelevant, that means that he's arrogant. Therefore, you should reconsider being with him.

He should at least respect you and your lifestyle, and if he isn't, then he's not a good partner. People should never make promises if they can't keep them. It's okay if a person knows that they're bad at it, but if your boyfriend has broken countless promises and he still makes them, well, you can't trust him. That indicates that he's not mature enough. That's not a trait of a person who can make and keep a stable and healthy relationship. Being in a relationship should never give your boyfriend the right to influence your actions, or try to forbid you to do anything.

You are a free person and he should respect you in every way. If he's jealous, for example, and tries to keep you away from other men, that just proves that his self-esteem is low and that he sees every man as a threat. This is definitely one of the most irritating negative boyfriend traits. If your boyfriend flirts with girls who are obviously into him, swearing that he's only "friendly", he probably feeds his enormous ego by giving hope to other girls even if he has a girlfriend.

That's just immature. If you are in a relationship, you should care about each other equally. If you are the only one who calls him out, sends him a message or calls him, something's wrong. He should think about you as much as you think about him. If he had done that, he would've called you at least once. And who knows what's happening in his head? Neglecting you in a like manner will only drain you.

Being friends with ex-partners is okay, but if you know the backstory, or if they have recently broken up, that's not really okay. Not hiding that from you can even indicate that something is actually happening between them. You shouldn't be worried if you really know that you can trust him, because we can't force people to do anything only because we personally take issue with that.

But if there is anything suspicious when it comes to their contact, that's really bad and you shouldn't tolerate it. You always go only where he wants and do only things that he likes? That's not good. Furthermore, if he only thinks about himself all the time, he is the one who actually exploits you.

That's what self-centered people do, and that's one of the worst traits of a bad boyfriend. You will never be able to build a healthy relationship with such a man. One more thing you should Bad boyfriend checklist in mind: people like this tend to make you feel guilty if you confront them. If you don't feel special by his side, or Bad boyfriend checklist he really doesn't care about losing you, you shouldn't waste your time and energy on him. Even if you don't give him the reason to fear, he should occasionally show that he is grateful that you chose him, and not some other man.

This is actually a very big problem. Even if his lies seem small and irrelevant, how will you know when he's telling the truth? If he's capable of lying, especially if there is absolutely no reason for that, he is not to be trusted. A guy should make you feel special and different from all the other girls. If he never compliments you or tells you anything kind and sweet you could feel neglected and probably scared to show your own emotions.

I felt like that once, so I know how it feels. This is not something a good boyfriend would do. He doesn't have to shower you with kindness all the time, but he should at least make you feel somewhat special. If nothing you do seems right to him and he always criticizes you, he is the one who is not worthy of you. A partner should always be supportive, and if your boyfriend is not, he is not a good partner. In order to function well together in a relationship, people should spend time together.

It doesn't have to mean that you two have to be together all the time, of course, but you can get to know each other or experience things together, you need to see each other. If he constantly has something else to do, what's the point of your relationship, then? He should devote some time to you. These are some of the most common traits of a bad boyfriend you should know about.

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Don't try to change anyone, let alone your boyfriend. Leave him if you're not happy with him. If he shows some kind of behavior mentioned above, do not tolerate it.

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Your partner needs to make you smile and be there for you when you need him, so don't settle for less. Hello, my name is Ana Djurovic, and I am a writer interested in various kinds of fields, such as beauty, fitness, art and traveling. I am very curious and always in need to expand my knowledge. I enjoy writing because it's something I can fully invest myself in. I think sharing our stories and experiences is what brings us together. Share this:.

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