Ben harper ground on down

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I believe in a few things God the devil and love Cause I've looked up from the bottom And I've stared down from above I have faith in a few things Divinity and grace But even when I'm on my knees I know the devil prays And you're working your way From the ground on down I hate to say I love you Because it means that I Will be with you forever Or will sadly say goodbye I love to say I hate you Because it means that I Will live my life happily without you Or will sadly live a lie And you're working your way From the ground on down Life is short And if your lookin' for extension With your time You had best do well Cause there's good deeds And there is good intention They're as far apart As heaven and hell And you're working your way From the ground on down Edit Lyrics.

Ground on Down song meanings. Add Your Thoughts 3 Comments. General Comment Great song, I can't believe no one has commented on it yet!

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To me it's about the constant struggle within between good and evil. Ben is saying that he's been through it all and he's telling you that you might want to change your ways, because just getting by without making a difference for the good isn't enough. Otherwise, you're just on your way down and he doesn't want love someone like that. No Replies Log in to reply.

There was an error. General Comment Great song, great poetic lyrics. When you hear him sing this song, a blunt kind of anger comes out in his voice. Hes calling out people who think that they are doing good but really are just doing bad. Hes calling out someone saying they are working their way from the ground on down, as in their intentions are bad, and in doing what they intend to do they are just digging themselves deeper.

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Also, he condemns people who talk good but dont actually do good: "but even when I'm on my knees I know the devil prays" hes saying when he prays and asks God for things he realizes bad people do the same thing and realizing this the only difference is in who actually does good things later.

Hitler thought he had good intentions, so did Ghandi. Ones in heaven, one in hell. General Comment For going to the temple and praying, then going home and causing harm to others. He says that true worship involves a good life as well as a good prayer life. This song shows the same message.

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Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. But then again, we are all only human, im sure ben harper isn't perfect either so maybe im just holding people to way to high of a moral standard johnnyblueye on June 16, Link. Artists - B. Ground on Down is found on the album Fight for Your Mind.

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Ben harper ground on down

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Ground On Down