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The first thing to do is measure your space. Some tilers will give you a measurement in square metres, but what you really need is the dimensions by length and width, in centimetres. This is because, particularly with larger tiles, it is impossible to have an exact per square metre. For example, a 60cm x 60cm tile fits into a square meter 2.

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This has been magically programmed to do all the hard work for you. You can then type this in the quantity box and add to basket. This is an industry-standard allowance, which means you have a few extra tiles that you might need for any cuts, accidental breakages and spares.

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Having a few tiles leftover is always good in case you want to replace a pipe or extend, and while many of our bestselling tiles have been with us for decades, very occasionally a tile is discontinued, so you may struggle to buy any more. Another option is to recycle them into something newsuch as a placemat, plant stand or a bigger project.

If you have drastically over-ordered, we do accept returns if you let us know as soon as possible, but we do not cover the delivery cost for this. How to work out how many tiles to use The Buy direct tile thing to do is measure your space. What is tile wastage and do I need to add it? Is there anything else I need to do?

What do I do if I have tiles left over? Newsletter up here and be the first to hear about our latest news and offers on wall and floor tiles.

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of Tiles per Square Metre.

Buy direct tile

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