Call of duty advanced warfare pc matchmaking

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Many players across Modern Warfare and the free-to-play standalone battle royale mode Warzone are reporting that they are facing extended wait times when waiting to get into a match.

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Infinity Ward released a patch earlier this week for Modern Warfare and Warzone that introduced a new weapon and Obsidian mastery camo alongside the usual playlist update and bug fixes. This update also made a highly controversial change to Warzone 's bounties, which was reverted with the most recent patch.

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Now, after all these changes and additions, a few issues seem to have made their way into the game. When queuing up for a match, players have been running into unusually long matchmaking times.

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The matchmaking process begins with the typical searching notification before increasing the acceptable ping threshold higher and higher with no result. Eventually, some players do find a match, but others have seen incredibly lengthy queue times for both Modern Warfare multiplayer and Warzone.

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Neither Activision nor Infinity Ward has yet to acknowledge the matchmaking issue, although a hotfix will likely be released sometime in the next few days. Infinity Ward has recently made several changes to Modern Warfare and Warzone this week, most notably the addition of a data pack that is required to access both titles.

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The data pack download size weighs in at around 15 GB on all platforms, and it's a necessary download on top of all the patches and updates. While these matchmaking issues are undoubtedly frustrating, they'll likely be addressed and fixed by Infinity Ward before the weekend is over. Infinity Ward tends to act quickly when things like this happen, especially in Warzoneand it has a knack for deploying hotfixes with extreme speed.

Still, several players across all different types of social media have reported running into this matchmaking bug, so it's not only affecting a small subset of users. This appears to be a widespread issue, and that can be disappointing to those that wanted to log into Modern Warfare or Warzone and work on their battle pass or earn that brand new camo.

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Call of duty advanced warfare pc matchmaking

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