Cane corso augusta ga

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If you are interested in buy Cane Corso puppies in Atlanta, Georgia. We are cane corso breeders in Atlanta and we have now puppies ready for your home. After ruling out other types of guard and protection races, I think you have humbly guessed right.

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Congratulations on your decision to buy an Italian Cane Corso, you are in the best place where you can buy a Cane Corso Italiano puppy. My name is Juan Manuel Morato and today I am going to explain to you why you have to buy a puppy in Atlanta, Georgia, from our beloved bloodline, that of the world champion X-Man. The first important question I was referring to is that we have been raising cane corso for 15 years. We do not have any health problem, a major genetic health problem that affects the breed, we are today with a super safe line, a line full of safety in genetics and health and today we are the safest option.

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The second most important aspect is quality, we are talking about a breed that is the Italian Cane Corso that is a young breed, an unfinished breed. When you look at cane corso in one place and another, you see that they are very different from each other, some are Cane Corso and others are something else.

We can offer a quality Cane Corso of the incredible Cane Corso type.

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The third is the guarantees we keep our puppies we make a guarantee contract and obviously it is a very important aspect to highlight so as not to have any problems or problems. The fourth aspect that we can offer you is that of international transport to Atlanta, Georgia and within international transport we can make three or four types of shipments.

A shipment, door to door transport simply for you to pick up at the airport and transport carried by a special person to take you from hand to hand. The fourth would be the pedigree. It is a great certification and it is not the same to have a world champion pedigree and female champions to have a different pedigree without that accreditation.

This gives it a plus and adds impressive quality. For all this you have to and get a wonderful puppy in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cane corso augusta ga

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