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Wicca is a common umbrella term for what witchcraft practitioners variously describe as a pagan, pantheistic or, simply, Earth religion. Goddess figures tend to be more prominent than male gods. Covens tend to be small, usually 13 people at most, though academic researchers say they sense a rising popularity of the movement. Many covens are exclusively female and some are all-male. In covens that admit both men and women, one scholar estimated the ratio of women to men was Two other researchers giving academic papers on Wicca at the San Diego meeting, reached by telephone, agreed that sexuality is not a guilt-laden topic in Wicca but they questioned whether men in covens are typically there to pursue sex.

Rymes said she talked at length to nine heterosexual men from nine Wicca covens in the greater Los Angeles area. One had been in Wicca for 20 years; the others from two to six years.

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They ranged in age from 27 to 45, some single, some married. Neither coven meetings nor Wicca festivals are occasions for sexual debauchery, said Rymes, who attended a small full-moon ceremony and two ritual celebrations of Samhain Halloween to outsidersone public and one private.

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Donald Miller, a professor of religion at USC, said he supervised Rymes in her research and suggested that she offer it for presentation at the conference this weekend by the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion. Doctoral student Nancy Ramsey of UC Santa Barbara, like Griffin a specialist in Wicca studies, was also skeptical of the claim that male witches find sex the big attraction. Self-professed witch Marsha Smith Shaw, wife of Michael Shaw, who together lead the First Wiccian Church of West Hills, contended that, in one sense, single men who consider ing any religious group are also checking out its women.

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