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Much like human trafficking, this topic is actually quite old and has gained a lot of international attention due to its portrayal in films, books or the media. These interactions included first slavery, colonization and now what we like to call globalization.

While globalization might have had positive effects for all of those involved, it also created new avenues to reinforce inequality and exploitation across gendered, sexed and racial lines. To gain an overall understanding of each of the major concepts, I will define them using various sources of literature. First, there needs to be a link made between sex tourism and human trafficking. The former is described as. An ambiguous term with some observers applying it strictly to organized tours in which sex with prostitutes is the main attraction, while others extend the concept to those who travel for other reasons but hire prostitutes while away.

Eirienne, Within sex tourism there is a more sinister form known as child sex tourism.

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This includes child trafficking, child prostitution, child pornography and the selling of children for sexual exploitation. As one can perceive from the definitions given above, sex tourism is a form of human trafficking in itself.

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There are three main elements of human trafficking that create a link to sex tourism. The first is the action, which involves recruiting someone in the context of sex tourism. The trafficked person is taken or moved by the use of threats, force or promises in the form of payments or benefits. The second is means by which those actions are carried out. Promises or threats are how the trafficker is able to control the trafficked persons with their consent and long after their consent is revoked.

The third Exotic caribbean for feminine female of trafficking is the purpose which obviously pertains to sexual relations. Another context in which these explanations might be cast aside is in the event that child sex tourism may occur in a country where youth are able to consent to sexual activities at an earlier age than 18 Eirienne, Regardless of the age restrictions created by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, or the laws of individual states themselves, there is no way to control the age in which an individual engages in sex willingly or unwillingly.

This is especially the case in Caribbean states with far weaker, centralized governments plagued by poverty. Sex tourism networks within this region are propelled by specific factors. In this text, I aim to argue that social, economic, political, racial and gendered constructions are the drivers of these types of exploitations of Caribbean women and men.

All of these factors have a root in the first contact between the West and various people of color and continue to exist and evolve with society. Slavery and colonization brought about the hyper sexuality that has become the reality of the Caribbean people. According to Kempadoo, this oversexualization is a colonial identity She even described these former colonies as territories that were once sex havens for colonial elites and that they are now frequented by sex tourists. In this same piece, an excerpt from Frantz Fanon says. Colonial discourses are deeply embedded in the psyche and behavior of the colonized.

Such images are a part of a broader colonial regime of oppression that is sedimented in the hearts and minds of Caribbean men and women themselves. Though colonization may have ended, the ideas that came with it did not dissipate. They were continued through the implementation of a new form of Western control, otherwise known as globalization. Globalization is described as a mixture or complex of processes that sometimes overlap and interlock but also contradictory and oppositional Mukherjee, The processes associated with globalization had good and bad effects on those in the global North and South.

In other words, it becomes much harder to regulate the equal distribution of wealth, resources and ability to express themselves politically. Hence this era being the most unequal in the history of the world.

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There is also the trend of creating a more homogenized culture since these globalized processes started. This same author describes this as neo-imperialism. Neo-imperialism involves economic force, coercion, imposition, and bribery. It is not so much concerned with expanding control over territories but more so the economic control and shaping of regional economic structure in a way that makes weaker states dependent on regional powers Wigell, The impact of neo-imperialism on the Global South is the creation of new avenues of reinforcing past structures and heightening illicit crimes such as sex tourism.

One would assume that Exotic caribbean for feminine female would be just Exotic caribbean for feminine female much opposition towards this neo-imperialism as there was for slavery and colonization. Masked with the term globalization, a term that sounds so enlightening and forward thinking, people all over the world accept it because of free trade and the focus on individual rights towards education and other things that used to be considered luxuries. This intense focus on individuals surprisingly did not lead to a better understanding of others, especially those who come from diverse backgrounds Eirienne, So it is not a shock as to why a centuries old issue such as human trafficking has morphed into what is now sex tourism.

The Caribbean is a place defined as a region created through a history of Spanish, British, Dutch, French, and Danish settlement and colonial rule. This history is also riddled with the senseless genocide of the Caribbean native peoples as well as the forced importation of millions of African slaves and indentured workers from Asia and Europe Kempadoo, This history has led to a region that is characterized with a very diverse array of ethnicities, cultures, religions, languages, what constitutes the diaspora and notions such as transnationality.

Due to a history of slavery, the Caribbean people also had to deal with white supremacy, colonial control and racism. Much of these islands recently gained their political independence towards the end of the twentieth century. This is a short history in which these countries have been able to officially govern themselves without the political power resting in the hands of European powers. The islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique are still territories of France and Montserrat and the Cayman Islands remain under British rule.

Haiti has been free since The mixture of cultures and groups also portray that the Caribbean identity is not a singular thing but a mixture of identities that have been continuously changing since the transatlantic slave trade. One important characteristic that has unwillingly been associated with the Caribbean population is the concept of hypersexuality.

As I described above, the Caribbean body has been portrayed as an exotic wonderland that is full of resources and the materialistic desires of those that dwell in the global North. The concept of the lustful Caribbean people has beginnings linked to the far-fetched writings and images constructed by the first European travelers, historians, sociologists and anthropologists who ventured onto the untouched Caribbean islands. The native Arawak people were the first to receive the racialized judgement that consisted of them being perceived as cannibals and sexually promiscuous people who needed to be placed under the jurisdiction of the tamed Europeans Kempadoo, The contact with the Europeans through colonization, the importation of Africans slaves and the rough conditions that they endured led to the decimation of this native population.

This left the African population to endure the remnants of this racialized contact. The concept of race plays a huge part in the formation of the Caribbean culture whether it is denied by the current population or not. This was the source of the oppression, discrimination and social inequalities that the darker skinned people faced and still face today. This hierarchy ranges from brown, Indio, light skinned, dark skinned and brown.

According to Kempadoo, race is not used widely in the Caribbean because what we know as ethnicities are used to describe themselves For example, titles such as Afro-Cuban are very common place. The fact that they have to categorize this way at all emphasizes the matter of race and its importance in the structure of the Caribbean society especially economic structures. To gain a better understanding of these current structures, it is important to uncover the reality of these black people in the new world post-slavery.

In this post-emancipation state, the Europeans and White American social scientist reported that the Caribbean culture within the home and family life deviated from the dominant ideas of what a family is supposed to be. This Western idea of family consisted of a patrilineal, heterosexual, monogamous, and male-centric household and that was not the norm for the Caribbean working class at that time. Marriage was not a common occurrence but partnerships and sexual relationships were. For this reason, the Europeans were quick to cast terms of judgement on this black working class.

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The American sociologist E. Franklin Frazier, pushed the idea that the black family life had broken down as a Exotic caribbean for feminine female of slavery and created this deviant, sexually loose behaviors that are seen to be dominant in Caribbean culture Semmes, I agree with this observation as it is a known fact that the concept of the nuclear family was a privilege for the white people during slavery.

Black slave families were torn apart because men, women and children were seen as commodities for labor not human beings who desired to enjoy the institution of marriage. A part of the slave culture consisted of Black women often being raped by White men. This was justified by the image of Black women being lascivious McGruder, The lack of autonomy over their body or their sexuality was dehumanizing and would be a possible influence to the low percentages of nuclear families or sex within monogamous perimeters.

So it is logical for Frazier to make these observations about the broken black family and its links to slavery. The American anthropologist couple, Melville Jean and Frances Herskovits produced works based off of their studies on West African people and those within the Diaspora. These expansive studies changed the discourse surrounding the black concepts of family, sex and relationships in Western scholarship.

Melville Herskovits rejected and rebutted against the past ideas that behavior patterns are confined to certain races or purely caused by slavery and plantation life Kempadoo, This work argues instead that culture is learned and not determined by some element in the biology of a group of people, meaning that traditions can be passed down within a group.

Exotic caribbean for feminine female

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Globalization, Human Trafficking and Tourism in the Caribbean