How do you know where you stand in a relationship

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Guys can be a confusing mix. On one hand, love stories and songs definitely suggest that they can be the most upfront human beings in the world when it comes to their desire for a girl to like them. Look to see if he bails when things become bad or inconvenient. Count how many times he asks about your opinion on something, or counts you in future plans.

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Men who are really interested in you will make a point to include you in their plans, or will want to know what your thoughts are on everything. This is a great indicator for how to tell where you stand with him. Men who are a worth a damn and b interested in you will be respectful towards you and genuinely nice with you, too.

If he is interested in a girl, he will make time for that girl even if it kills him. More often than not, we know the real answer to this in our gut. in.

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How do you know where you stand in a relationship

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How To Tell Where You Stand With Her