How to maintain self respect

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Relationships are all about compromise and balance. They require us to listen to others, to voice our point of view, and to engage in a give and take.

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However, not all relationships are balanced. Sometimes we overstep our roles. We may assert our point of view so strongly that we cause others to act in ways that make them uncomfortable. We follow along with what other people want to do, even if it does not align with our values. In relationships like these, it may be helpful to use the FAST skill to navigate difficult interpersonal situations—like setting boundaries, for example. FAST helps us keep our self-respect so that we feel good about our relationships.

F: Fair - Being fair means being fair to others and to yourself. Instead, balance your wants and needs with the wants and needs of the other person.

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Voice your point of view, listen to the other person, and take turns giving and taking. Then, you can find a happy medium that both of you are comfortable with. For example, you should not have to abandon your family, friends, religion, or hobbies to continue a relationship. Consider what your values are before deciding on what to do.

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What is most important to you? How would you like to be seen and remembered? Then, act in ways that match your values. Even a little lie can build up or cause others to lose trust in you. Avoid lying and making excuses because they only hurt your relationships. Be honest and authentic as much as you can. Relationships can be complicated at times. FAST can help you act in ways that increase your self-respect in relationships.

As you build mastery of this skill, you can gain the confidence to stand up for yourself and enjoy healthy, balanced relationships.

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Maintain Self-Respect in your Relationships