In need of some serious help not getting any from wifey

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We all know that honesty is generally the best policy when it comes to long-term partnerships, but there are certain cases where brutal forthrightness can cause more harm than good. Herewith, you'll discover all of the phrases and sayings your wife absolutely never wants to hear.

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So read on, and think carefully before you speak. And if your marriage is going wonderfully and you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, don't miss these amazing secrets. This might sound like a compliment in your head, but chances are that's not how she'll hear it. Also, never say she reminds you of her own mother, for similar reasons. Wyatt Fishera d psychologist and founder of a couples retreat. No matter how unreasonable you think she's being, find a kinder way to acknowledge her emotions.

And for ways to really heat up your marriage, consider embracing your wilder side. Similarly, it's virtually impossible not to take your spouse's words and actions personally. De LucaPhD, a d clinical psychologist. This is basically just a cop-out, even if you feel that it's true on some level. No one wants to hear this from their spouse out of the blue, but it's especially bad to say these words when you don't really mean them just to incite a reaction.

Heed her advice and avoid this directive at all costs. Sex can be a pain point that's absolutely worth addressing, but this phrasing is likely to put your wife on the defensive. A lot changes happen in relationships over the years, including having children, career stress, financial strain, health problems or perhaps having to care for a parent. It is absolutely possible for long-term couples to have an exciting sex life, but it is unlikely it will ever be like it was at the beginning.

Be open to moving passionately into the future, not trying to recreate the past. Again, this might seem like a nice thing to say, especially if you still find your wife attractive, but the emphasis on the past makes it easy to take offense. This dreaded phrase will make her second-guess her outfit choice and likely deliver a hit to her confidence. Often what's interpreted as nagging is simply asking for help.

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Trust us, no matter how many times the question is asked, the right answer is always, "No, you look great! Having to repeat herself because you weren't listening is likely to evoke annoyance. Fisher explains. In many cases, they find difficulty in reaching common ground to prevent not having enough dollars to make it through the month.

It can be tempting to say you're will do something you know you aren't going to do just to end a conversation about it, but that's not an effective strategy in the long-term. Unfortunately their follow through isn't always the best," Bockmann says. Fisher says. The worst thing you can say to your wife when she's not calm? They become impatient, so instead of giving their partner the hug and support they need they are brusque, leaving their wives feeling they don't care. This is a particularly touchy topic because it often means there's something extramarital going on, or can be an unwelcome reminder of past relationships.

It destroys their confidence and sense of self-worth. Assuming that your partner will do more housework than you simply because they're female is not only rude, it's ridiculous. That said, research suggests that, across income and education levels, women still typically do more housework than men—likely sometimes at the insistence of their partner. If there's something you'd specifically like your partner to do or stop doing—say you just can't get past their habit of leaving dirty socks on the floor, for instance—you're hardly out of line for mentioning it, but simply assuming that it's someone else's job to take care of a space you share will rarely yield positive.

Being the primary breadwinner in a family doesn't mean your partner isn't contributing.

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Acting as though you pulling in a higher salary means your spouse is essentially on a permanent vacation is not only patronizing, it diminishes all the work they do, whether that's a lower-paying job or taking care of your kids full-time. Communication is part of any successful marriage, so dismissing your wife as a chatterbox when she's animated about something means breaking down an essential component in your relationship.

It's not unreasonable to expect to say your piece, as well, but it's never a good idea to tell your spouse that they have to shut up for you do to so. There are plenty of chores people don't like doing, whether it's changing diapers or cleaning the oven.

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However, in a marriage, claiming that something "isn't your job" makes it seem as though that vision of equitable work you both imagined when you tied the knot has somehow flown out the window. No matter how much your wife loves her mother, she's never going to appreciate being told that she's becoming her. Of course, few people who utter this phrase intended it as a compliment to begin with.

It's one thing to suggest that you and your spouse eat healthier or hit the gym together. It's another thing altogether to critique what your wife has just ordered or is about to eat. Even if her choice isn't the healthiest thing on the menu, unless eating a certain food would trigger a medical issue, it's not your place to tell her what to put in her mouth—she's an adult and can make her own decisions.

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The word "hysterical" has a loaded history as it is—it was once used to describe a psychological condition only ascribed to women, after all. By telling your wife she's acting hysterical, you're not only using sexist language, you're also diminishing her very real feelings. It's only natural for relationships to change over time. Those nights you used to spend shotgunning beers and staying out all night were unlikely to last forever without one of you getting an arrest record, so it's probably best that things have calmed down for both of you.

And telling her she used to be fun not only suggests she's given up on doing fun things, it also implies that you're still the delightfully reckless person you once were, even if you've grown up as well. A real partnership means considering the needs of your spouse, and sometimes, that means suggesting that you buy a safe, reliable car instead of a convertible or set t financial goals for your future. While it may seem like it's your wife who's holding you back from all the fun things you wanted to do, there's probably some part of your brain keeping you from doing every irresponsible thing you've ever dreamed of, too.

Just because you can't think of ways to entertain yourself doesn't mean that's your spouse's problem. While life may get a little less exciting as you get older, it's unfair to blame that on your partner—it's not her job to make sure everyone's having fun all the time.

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In need of some serious help not getting any from wifey

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