Is the 7 year itch real

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The concept of the seven-year itch was permanently etched in the minds of American moviegoers when Marilyn Monroe starred in a movie of the same name.

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Monroe played a voluptuous model about whom a husband fantasizes after his wife of seven years and their son go to a resort. The film has left the mark of fear or at least wonder upon the psyches of more than a few married couples. Take a Santa Monica woman who is nearing her seven-year wedding anniversary. Psychologists and therapists say the concept of the seven-year itch, popularly thought to be a stage in the seventh year of marriage characterized by unsettled feelings and the urge to have an affair or leave the marriage, is part truth, part myth.

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The crisis point, however, has less to do with years married and more to do with the developmental stage of an individual marriage, said clinical psychologist William J. Marriages mature at different paces. These couples often married for the wrong reasons to stabilize a tumultuous relationship, for example or because they were living together and decided marriage was the next step.

If marriage is like a road trip, then the first seven years are probably some of the most treacherous. Often by the seventh year, couples have already adjusted either well or not so well to some of the most difficult transitions morning breath, lousy housekeeping habits and the ill effects of stress on a dream spouse and are having children.

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With the complications of raisingthe friendship goes out of the relationship and there is more conflict. Although there is no reliable research on infidelity rates because people liePittman said that in his 40 years of clinical experience, the birth of a baby often coincides with an affair.

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Obviously, we are talking about the father here. It is a way of getting away from the honesty and intimacy of a marriage. For couples who have survived seven years, Pittman warns that another crisis is around the corner.

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He hears nagging. At such times, the marriage is inherently incompatible, which is OK, because marriages have to go through stages of incompatibility. Infidelities are attempts at escaping problems that appear threatening, scary and dangerous, Pittman said.

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The point of marital conflict is to understand each other better. For those who resist an extramarital dalliance even a one-night stand undermines a marriage, he saidthe marriage grows stronger. He waits it out, which is what Weiner-Davis would have advised him to do.

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Is the 7 year itch real

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7 Year Itch: Myth or Fact?