Nissan maxima cruise control problems

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Aug 27, This is a very difficult problem to diagnose.

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I followed the troubleshooting charts which indicated change the ASCD control unit. Guess what, that didn't fix it. After a lot of time analyzing each input to the ASCD control unit I found that the voltage to terminal 5 was lower than battery voltage. This voltage is fed to terminal 5 through the ASCD cancel switch which is located in front of the bake pedal.

A resistance check showed a high resistance contact with resistance readings anywhere from 7 ohms to 20 ohms - very intermittent. I changed the cancel switch Nissan maxima cruise control problems it works great! Changing this switch is somewhat of a challenge because you have to remove or at least unbolt the brake pedal assembly to gain access to the swith - really not too bad once you realize that is what is required. I suspect most owners with a flashing cruise light has a defective ASCD cancel switch. ed May 30, Thats a nice bit of research you did to track the problem down.

Thanks for sharing. ed Dec 1, ed Dec 19, Yes I agree, good diagnostic Dave I have been trying to figure out my cruise problem and it's got me. It will work once in a blue moon but for only about minutes then it cuts out. I changed the brake cancel switch, swapped relays and it still isn't working. When the main switch it turned on I can hear the contactor. I have downloaded the service manual for a 94 Pathfinder and the wiring colors and harness connector positions are slightly different so it's hard to tell.

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Anybody have any ideas? I have been trying to buy one but can't seem to find one thorough enough. ed Mar 30, Burn 17 said:.

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Bowski92 said:. My bad. I missed that one. Sorry about that. ed Apr 26, I checked and cleaned the brake switch but the SET would not stop flashing. Very good thing to have for any car newer than So after you check fix fuses, brake light switch, steering wheel controls. If problem persists, reset teh ECU codes. Hi, I have a Sentra. ed Aug 29, You may want to post, your contribution, in the appropriate platform forum.

ed 5 mo ago. the discussion.

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Nissan maxima cruise control problems

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