Personification of love

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The key to recognizing the personification of love in language, literature, or speech is to fully understand what "personify" and "personification" mean. Once you have a solid grasp of these words, their use will be almost unmistakeable. To identify personification with regard to love, you also need to know when love is being referenced.

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This should be obvious, but in some cases love might be part of another metaphor or not stated directly. The primary definition of personification is to attribute the qualities of a living person to an object. An easy memory aid is to remember that personification contains the word "person. In poetry, literature, and everyday speech, personification is used to make language more interesting. If one said that a "storm produced a lot of rain and thunder," this might be accurate, but it is not very lively. Using personification, one could say instead that "the angry storm threw buckets on rain on people's he, laughing with thunderous cackles.

It is personified as being angry, throwing things, and laughing.

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By giving the storm the actions and characteristics of a person, it comes to life. The personification of love works the same way. Changing the expression "he was in love" to "love grabbed hold of him and wouldn't let go," personifies it. Love is portrayed as having human arms and taking human action. The same would be true if one said "love picked him up and threw him to the wolves. Less physical examples of the personification of love might include expressions like "love was calling his name," "love is a cruel mistress," or "love waits for no one.

A simple technique is to look for descriptive language, then ask yourself if what is being described is something that a person does. If the answer is yes, you have personification.

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Recognizing personification of love in other figures of speech like metaphors or similes can be a little harder. First identify the other figures of speech, then ask yourself if they also project characteristics of a person onto an object; if so, they are also personification.

To use some examples, if love is represented metaphorically as a dagger, or an arrow, or the wind, and then later, the "dagger tears open an old wound," "the arrow squints at a distant target," or "the wind blows out its last dying breath," personification is happening. The subject is still love, but indirectly so. As with recognizing any figure of speech, practice makes perfect. Bryce Clinton. Please enter the following code:. : Forgot password?

Personification of love

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The Personification of Love