Prayer for lost love to come back

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When you seem lost and everything is bleak, and the one person you love cannot love you right back, then you need to say that one prayer for someone to love you back. Sure they work a great deal, but it is left for you to determine whether or not you will pray for that one person to love you right back. Relationships are beyond our power, no matter what we do or say, everything is still left to God to take absolute and perfect control of everything. Leave it all to God in prayer, okay? There is this friend of mine that I truly cherish. I leave it all to you God, because you know my heart and my intentions.

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Help me! You are the God who provides everything according to your riches in glory. Please fill me with your love so I can love this friend of mine more than I do right now. I beg for your guidance and help to explore the depths of my heart to ascertain what I want from what I need. I ask for your assistance dear God, in this decision I am about to take. Release what stands in my way from seeing my true love. Make the one I love see me in the light of love and make every line fall in beautiful places for me.

Make me love more oh Lord, and let me be a living testimony of your love. Thank you for everything. The brain behind Deedeesblog, Detola is an embodiment of creativity - With deep knowledge in Counseling and Photography, He started this platform to share happiness via digital contents in Relationships and Documentaries. Content here tells a story with the intention to shape narratives.

What's your Love and Life story? Care to Share? Connect with Detola on admin deedeesblog. I was in love with this guy, me and him still care about each other. I never been so happy with someone in my life.

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I pray the great Lord bring him back to me. May my ex girlfriend of 8 years please return to me with a loving heart and forgiveness. I miss her immensely. I truly love and cherish her. Please lord…. Please make my ex to change his mind to come back and may he call me soon rather than later. Wow, thank God for this.

I do believe the prayers will work for me. Thanks once again. Admin Earboard. Daddy lord I miss my girlfriend my future wife. She is now behaving strange towards me. I have done all I could, advised her but still she is still the same. Daddy lord please let her change her attitude towards me and let us live like how we use to. I miss it. Please lord listen to my cry and suffering and bring her back to me. Let her call me. I want to stop thinking bad as in she is doing something behind me. I love her. I have faith in myself and I know you will bring her back.

Thanks alot for your prayers and I truly love my girlfriend Diana. I really want us to be together till death do us apart. Help me in prayers. Get over it. Move on.

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Are you whipped? She probably found another man or maybe even a woman. Let it go. Please pray for the girl that I loves.

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I love her very much all day am crying. I have tried everything humanly possible Lord. I have done what made me to loss my worth and value as a girl. Lord show Noble I love him. God pls, restored my relationship with Noble. God pls do this one this for me. I handover everything to you. My request is that my girlfriend come back in my life I want marry with her. She is left me because am not educated and am poor boy. Plz pray for me. My name is Haroon. Pliz pray with me, God Pliz let this guy that I love see the wife in me. I have loved him more than 4yrs patiently waiting for him to love me back.

Pliz dear Lord let your hand touch his heart and mind and come to love me more than I do. Good day to everyone. Specifically, please pray that we reunite as changed people who are able to love each other fully, healthily, and exactly how the other person wants to be loved. Please help me pray that when we reunite, we are reuniting under the sureness that we are choosing each other over everyone else and that we are going to be married under God and start a beautiful family.

Please pray for Regina and Darlington. Good day to everyone, pls help me in prayer over myself Oluwafemi and my partner Oluwatomisin. She is the love of my life but recently she has completely changed to me. That every stumbling block over our relationship God should remove it.

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Pease help me pray that when we reunite, we are reuniting under the sureness that we are choosing each other over everyone else and that we are going to be married under God and start a beautiful family. He entered a relationship with another lady and although I love him I chose to let go.

Now he and the lady have serious issues dat were caused by me indirectly and unintentionally. I love him so much and i dont like when he is upset. Lord in heaven, I willingly accepted ur will of me and him not being together. Please help him find the happiness he deserves whether with me or with her or any other. Help me to move on too and open my heart to accommodate and appreciate another man whom you have chosen for me.

Make me a better person each passing day and make me ready for the love that I deserve. Thank you Jesus. Oh, God the Father Almighty. I pray for this woman. Her name is Marne Celmar. She needs your help.

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Please help her to move forward. She was in love with a man who just broke her heart for a certain reason. You know her Lord. You know her more than me. I know you love and care for her. So, please let her see and feel it. I wish that she will find her way to get herself back again. Please bring her happiness back, Lord.

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I want to see her smiling again. Remember the beautiful smile she had which could give a lot of smiles to everyone, please give it back to her once again. Please let Marne back that once I know; the Marne who has always a positive mindset, who always brings joy, who serves you, and who makes everyone inspired with the help of you. Please let her, You will be the center of her heart so that she can serve you more and well.

Please, Lord. Please help her Lord to love her self more with your loving power and grace. I know you are very concerned to her too as I am. I know you love and care for her as I do.

Prayer for lost love to come back

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Prayer For Lost Love To Come Back