Prep for anal sex

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Q: My boyfriend has been talking to me about trying anal sex. I'm open to the idea, but I want to know more about how to prep for anal. Do we need to use a condom? Should I use the bathroom before? And how can I make it as much fun for myself as possible? A: Trying a new thing between the sheets is like a beauty influencer making a Prep for anal sex eyeshadow pallet.

Though getting into butt stuff may seem intimidating, knowing how to prep for anal sex is Prep for anal sex than you may think. If you already know all about clitoral orgasms, you may be surprised to learn that your anus has thousands of sensitive nerve endings in and around it that can also give you pleasure.

Most of these nerve endings are concentrated around the opening, but the outer part of the rectum also has them. With the inner part of the rectum, what feels good during sex is mostly the pressure and fullness that comes with being penetrated. Stimulation of the anus, perineum, and rectum can engage the pelvic and pudendal nerveswhich are implicated in the orgasmic response. You may have noticed that your anal canal, called your rectumis very tight. Going straight from not having anything in there to having a full erect penis inside it can be intense, and even painful, if not done correctly.

Something you can do beforehand is get used to feeling sensations down there. Starting on your own is a great way to become comfortable with new sensations and be able to communicate to a partner what feels good and what feels … like too much. Like all things in sex, you want to prioritize consent, communication, and pleasure during anal.

What are you excited to try? What are you not into? Would having a safe word make you feel comfier? Get clear with your partner about what you both are comfortable with. Deitsch told Bustle. In actuality, your anus has natural bacteria that help fight infection. If you clean your body regularly, your butt is as clean as the rest of you. Additionally, Dr. After setting the vibe, you may want to prepare some literal things. Sex is as mental as it is physical. The most important thing is to get really turned on and comfortable.

Your anus is surrounded by a ring of muscle called the anal sphincter, which is deed to keep in feces. Your sphincter needs to be relaxed to allow something to pass through it. So do whatever works for you to get yourself feeling fantastic. Maybe you watch or listen to audio porn with your partner or make out for a while and give each other sensual massages. Not naturally present during anal sex.

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Luckily, humans are improvisational creatures and have invented lube which is also fun and super useful for vaginal sex. It will make everything feel much better and be much safer for your body. Have your partner penetrate you a little, then stop and wait for you to get used to the new feeling. Once your muscles have relaxed, your partner can continue, little by little, until you feel comfortable with the whole thing. To maximize pleasure and minimize pain, Dr. Deitsch explains there are countless ways to get it on from behind.

Only you can decide what that is!

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Not sure where to start? Many experts recommend starting off lying on your side and being spooned. To avoid the sex getting dry and potentially causing pain or tears of your anal tissue plan to add more lube as you get it on. It will only make everything feel even better, so don't feel bad about taking multiple lube breaks. Additionally, various infections can be spread through anal sex.

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Basically, anything you can get in your vagina, you can also get in your anus — including HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, and HPV. In fact, the risk of contracting an STI is actually higher with anal sex than vaginal sexbecause anal tissue can let bacteria into your body more easily than vaginal tissue does. Additionally, using condoms during anal sex may help you both stay protected. Another thing to pay attention to is getting bacteria from your rectum into your vagina.

Your vagina has lots of bacteria living in it, in a symbiotic yet tenuous balance. Disrupting the balance can lead to yeast infections and all sorts of other nether parts challenges. Prep for anal sex, anal bacteria in your vagina can result in a urinary tract infectionwhich can be painful and unpleasant.

As O'Reilly told Bustle, "There is nothing in the rule book that says you must include penetration in your anal sex practice. The sexiest thing you can give a partner is your enthusiastic consent. Additional reporting by Griffin Wynne. Jillian Jansonsex educator and sex worker. Laura Deitschsexologist. This article was originally published on Feb. By Emma Kaywin. Updated: May 26, Originally Published: Feb. Ready to prep for anal? Explore Your Own Butt. See All Health Relationships Self.

Prep for anal sex

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A Beginner’s Guide to Preparing for Anal Sex