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Request Movie to be added: Please writes in the comment below: Movie Name & Year, or send us IMDb link. Thank you.

Please Note That We only upload animation movies. So when requesting a movie, make sure that the movie you are requesting is an animated movie.

4 thought on “Request Movie:”

  1. Jasmine Richard says:

    Hello 0123movies. Can you please upload the movie. Zootopia (2016)

    Here is the IMDB link :

    1. 0123Movies says:

      Sure, Jasmine, We upload this movie to our site soon. Thank you for your precious time.

  2. Ken Smith says:

    hey can you please upload Pokémon Detective Pikachu with english subtitle.

    1. 0123Movies says:

      Hey thanks for your request. this movie is already available on 0123movies.

      here is the link.

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