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This procedure applies to any placement ofon a Care Order or an Interim Care Order, with a parent or person with Parental Responsibility or person who held a Residence Order immediately before the Care Order was made, for more than 24 hours. This chapter was updated in July to note that this procedure does not apply to children subject to Interim Care Orders where the placement is required by the court under Section 38 6 Children Act for the purposes of assessment, see Scope of this Chapter above.

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In exceptional circumstances may be placed without the immediate need for the following procedures; please see Section 2, Immediate Placements. must not be placed with parents if that would be incompatible with an order as to contact under Section 34 Children Act Before is placed, the following people must be consulted and their views ed for:.

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The consultation should be formal. The persons being consulted should be written to, requesting their views on the proposed placement. It is important that those who are consulted should reply in writing; their written replies should be placed on the child's case record.

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If appropriate a letter should also be sent to the child, as part of the consultation process with the. Minutes of Protection Review Conference which recommended the child's placement can be taken as a written record of the consultation with those in attendance. If the child has ly suffered ificant Harm when living with the parent and continues to be the subject of Protection Planthe Looked After Review should actively consider the recommendations of Protection Review Conference before itself recommending the child returns home. The recommendations of the Child in Care Review and Child Protection Review Conference where applicable will then be sent to the Service Manager, together with the Care Plan and proposed Placement Plan and a written report covering the following:.

The Local Authority must provide such services and support to the parents as appear to be necessary to safeguard and promote the child's welfare, and record details in the Care Plan and Placement Plan. The placement can only be made after the approval of the Service Manager has been given and the Placement Plan prepared, except as set out in Section 2, Immediate Placements.

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Where the relevant plan provide for a series of short term placements of with a parent, the requirements as to consultation, enquiries and checks can be carried out once only rather than every time a placement is made, provided that. The child's social worker must visit the child in the placement within one week of the placement and thereafter every six weeks - see Social Worker Visits to Children in Care Procedure. Wherever possible the decision to end a placement should be made at in Care Review and the ending should take place in a planned way. In Re DE [], the High Court stated that not less than fourteen days' notice of a removal of the child should be given to the parents, save in an emergency.

The Court further stated that any removal of in circumstances where the child's welfare does not require immediate removal, or without proper consideration and consultation, is likely to be an unlawful interference with the rights of the parent and child under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Legal advice should always be sought. The Care Order gives the local authority power to enable the child to be removed by the social worker but this power should only be used after obtaining legal advice; the use of other orders e.

All those notified of the placement starting should be notified see Section 3, Notificationsin writing, when it ends; preferably notifications should be made prior to the ending, or as soon as practicable thereafter. The Service Manager can approve an immediate placement without the necessary consultation and checks having been made provided that:.

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If the child is placed in these circumstances, social work visits must take place at least once a week until the first Child in Care Review, and thereafter at intervals of not more than 6 weeks. The required consultation, assessment and enquiries for planned placements, as set out in Section 1, Planned Placements must then be completed and presented to the Service Manager as set out above. The child's social worker will update the child's electronic record with the details of the placement.

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Notification of the placement will be sent by the child's social worker to the Deated Nurse for CIC, the relevant person in the education service, the local Children's Services if the placement is in the area of a different local authority and the child's GP. The child's social worker will notify all family members consulted and involved in the decision-making process of the placement, as well as all those involved in the day to day arrangements for the child, including school and any health professional or YOS worker actively involved with the. These notifications must be made in writing, advising of the placement decision and the name and address of the children's home where the child is to be placed.

Single dad lookin 34 The medway towns 34

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