Smith wesson model 29 price

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Then init became one of the most famous and desirable handguns of all time. Do you know why? Well, do ya? There is only a handful of motion pictures in which a specific gun played a starring role. Interestingly, both starred Jimmy Stewart. But in these movies the guns took second billing to the starring character. But being as this is a. The sudden nationwide desire to own a. But the Model 29 Eastwood packs in the films was not quite the gun originally depicted for his character in the script written by writer-producer-director and NRA board member John Milius, who wrote the first two films, although he is uncredited in the first one.

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Indeed, his Sept. But, as ly noted, Model 29s were in short supply at the time due to lack of demand, not popularity, as is commonly believed and there were no 4-inch models to be had. Studios normally like to have at least one backup gun and preferably two, in case the primary gun gets damaged during filming.

Later, he presented one of these guns to Clint Eastwood, who, last I heard, still has it. Thus, we can lay to rest the recurring myth that because Model 29s were unobtainable during the filming of the first Dirty Harry film, the look-alike. Model 57 was used instead. As the facts attest, that simply is not true. And to further set the record straight, although the first guns used were N-frames, in the final three films the Model 29s used were all N-frames rented from Ellis Mercantile, a well-known Hollywood prop house no longer in business.

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In addition, a rubber mock-up Model 29 was used in scenes that called for the gun to be thrown. As an aside, the Bucheimer-Clark shoulder holster Eastwood used in the first two Dirty Harry films was rented from Ellis Mercantile but was for a gun with a 5-inch barrel, which caused the Model 29 Eastwood used to ride high in the rig. On the other hand, Eastwood-ever the consummate actor-took a Model 29 to the shooting range to experience the recoil of a.

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Joe Friday, carried badge on the popular detective show. It was the 12th.

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But television and movies aside, the real story of the Model 29 began during the late s with a group of big-bore revolver aficionados, including such luminaries as Elmer Keith, P. Having been developed in as a longer-cased smokeless-powder version of the old. He convinced Remington to manufacture it, but not before lengthening the. The result was the.

At 50 yards, it hit with more than ft. All that was needed was a handgun capable of handling the cartridge. But first some tweaking had to be done, which included lengthening the cylinder to close up the barrel-cylinder gap and incorporating recessed chambers.

When completed, the gun weighed 48 ounces, which helped tame the recoil. The reason for this was that the factory was using frames that had already been built, but were for the. That frame was already set up for the heavy barrel that was going on the. On Dec. Coleman of Remington Arms Co.

On Jan. Inside were a screwdriver, cleaning rod, and wire brush and cotton swab attachments. Of the guns produced in Januaryserial S, went to Keith and S was shipped to Maj. Julian S. Needless to say, the gun was an instant success, with about 3, made that year.

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The law enforcement community was equally enamored with the. Stoking it with milder. Lo-which also chambered in the. I succumbed to Model 29 fever in Interestingly, the earliest guns had right-hand thre on the ejector rod screw, which caused it to back out and jam due to recoil. From Model variation on, that was changed to left-hand thre, solving the problem.

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As Jinks notes, however, the changeover was sporadic, and between and guns marked both. Inthe counterbored cylinder chambers and pinned barrel were eliminated as both were unnecessary. Later, the pivoting, hammer-mounted firing pin was changed to a frame-mounted version. Other internal modifications continued through the s, including improved yoke retention and longer cylinder locking bolts.

In addition, in chronological order, there were five- four- and three-screw models. Plus, handsome laser-etched versions of the gun were introduced in and Whether or not that situation continues remains to be seen. After all, in a survey, 20th Century Fox asked moviegoers to name their favorite on-screen arms. I kind of think Dirty Harry would agree. Remington broke fresh ground with the release of the Nylon 66 back inintroducing the commercial market to what would become the future of polymer furniture on sporting arms. Remington has entered into a licensing partnership with Smokey Mountain Knife Works to develop and distribute a new version of its classic Bullet Knife.

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Smith wesson model 29 price

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