Teacup siberian cat

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Now taking deposits on kittens who go home in November. This avoids traits like bad dentition, behavioral problems, and of course anything worse. We also are proud that we always raise all our cats in a homey, down to earth setting where they are free to lounge and roam and are not kept in pens, cages, kennels, grates, crates or gates. Our cats walk, play and sleep where they like and spend all day together in society with one another and us, so they are extremely friendly and experienced with normal, everyday indoor life.

Our kittens come trained to use only the litter box and they are comfortable having their claw tips trimmed and have already begun learning to sharpen their claws on scratching posts. Each kitten comes Teacup siberian cat two exams, first and second FVRCP vaccinations, full veterinary records of all of this, implanted microchip paid for and registered in your name, and a contract and two year genetic health guarantee.

We feed our queens and kings and kittens! We use clumping clay cat litter in all of our many litter boxes which we clean once or twice daily. We groom our cats but only perfunctorily, combing them a bit and looking out for and removing tangles. We have scratching posts for claw sharpening and the whole cattery is a kitty playground so they get great exercise. If an adopter ever needs details or tips on what we feed them or how we advise managing daily habits and kitty conundrums, just ask and we will provide! We strive for our Siberians to be less than average in size—small for the breed—and yet every bit the big hearted Forest Cat that fans and newcomers love and appreciate.

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They will continue to fill out after that as well, of course, based on nutrition and activity levels :. At Petite Siberians our cats and kittens are on the small side for the Siberian Forest Cat breed—by de, as we have small moms and d! We raise a few litters of kittens each month and send each kitten home around 12 weeks of age. All compare favorably for their hypoallergenic qualities and all are equally healthy.

We are full disclosure, so parentage is always known, shared and verifiable. And we put kitten and cat health before anything else, with 6 separate commercial spaces totaling several thousand square feet all for the free roaming fur leggeds!

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You might have to keep an eye on their fluffy fur and help them remove various tag alongs but their incredible wispy softness and matching cuddliness make it well worth it. Sora lives also in Brooklyn with his girlfriend Dawn and their mom and dad!

Nikki lives here with us in the Petite Siberians cattery and is now a young king! Kona Yukita is also here with her family at Petite Siberians and she is a great queen mama!! Jamie is a caring, responsible cat breeder and a straightforward, honest business owner. He answered most of our questions before we even asked them, and he was thoughtful Teacup siberian cat thorough about making sure we met the right kitten. Thankfully, we met the perfect one, and when it was time to take her home, the process was easy and efficient.

Our new pal Fern could not be sweeter or more pleasantly tempered on top of being hypoallergenic, and I think a lot of that goes directly back to the cattery and the environment she grew up in. I've finally torn myself away from petting our beautiful and loving petite Siberian to write this review.

We didn't know much about Siberians or working with a pet breeder before talking with Jamie. All we knew was we wanted a cat and my husband is allergic. Contacting Jamie seemed like a long shot My husband has zero allergic reaction to our cat. It's truly amazing. As a huge added bonus, the personality of this cat is unbelievable! He's loving and easy-going, likes attention and playing, and is wonderful with my seven-year-old daughter.

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He seeks us out for cuddles -- not standoffish at all. Jamie was extremely patient and clear in all of our interactions and went above and beyond in helping us make sure we ended up with the right kitty. He walked us through every step of the way in making sure Scotty was settled and comfortable. I adopted a kitten from Jamie and the entire experience was above and beyond. All of his kittens were super friendly and well socialized. Even months after your kitten comes home if you reach out he will take the time to check up on you and help with any concerns you may have.

The kittens will always be a part of his family no matter how far they go and you can tell he cares about the well being of each one. As a first time cat owner with allergies I was super hesitant but then came Jamie and PetiteSiberians. Jamie is the most loving responsible breeder that you know is all about Teacup siberian cat cats and their happiness.

I Teacup siberian cat truly impressed by the location, space and freedom the cats are given. Blaze ed our family in April and has brought so much joy. He has a very even temper with an adventurous spirit. He has learned tricks spin and sit and has a weekly grooming schedule of a bath and nail cutting. I have never experienced any allergies with him.

After speaking with multiple NY based Siberian Cat Breeders, Jamie from Petite Siberians is by far the most professional, knowledgeable and thoughtful breeder out there! Jamie made the experience of adopting my first kitten, Helen, to be joyful and seamless. Jamie is very reliable and helpful with anything you need to know about your new kitten. Jamie even kept me updated weekly with pictures of Helen to be sure I saw her grow up! Helen is now 5 months old, bright, playful and welcoming to anyone who walks in my door!

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She truly is an amazing companion, thanks to Jamie. I highly recommend Petite Siberians! We adopted two kittens from Petite Siberians in July and could not be happier! Jamie was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process and even brought the kittens to us in California. Both kittens have such wonderful personalities, and we could tell from day 1 that they were well-socialized, confident cats.

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They are the sweetest and cuddliest companions, and very playful and adventurous to boot. We highly recommend Petite Siberians and are so thrilled about these new additions to our family. The Petite Siberian is a professional and trustworthy breeder. We were looking for our 2nd Siberian!

We love the breed. Jamie helped us through our decision making with patience and great kindness. Jamie answered all our questions and was available and easy to reach as we worked out the details. All aspects of the purchase were managed professionally and simply. I cannot begin to describe our experience with Jamie and his cat family! We started off this journey not knowing how to approach bringing a kitten into our growing family and had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Jamie.

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He was extremely helpful from the start and you can tell he cherishes every kitten and cat. He let us know the ins and out of bringing a Siberian kitten into our family and helped us prepare. We not only gained a kitten into our family that day but also a friend! My family and I were looking for a hypoallergenic cat when I happened upon Petite Siberians. We were encouraged to spend as much time as we wanted, to observe and play with the kittens. The cats were free to roam and engage freely with each other and the adults. Jamie was extremely accommodating and patient while we took ages to make a Teacup siberian cat.

Once home, our kitten transitioned remarkably quickly to his new surroundings, using the litterbox immediately and eating well. As we had never taken in a kitten, Jamie was immediately responsive with my many questions and concerns, and we felt fully supported and secure in our decision. He is extremely knowledgeable about transitioning kittens to their homes.

I appreciate the conscientious care that Petite Siberians devoted to raising our kitten in the early weeks, because over the months, Kimchi has remained as friendly, affectionate and happy as he was when we adopted him. He has become an integral and loving part of our family, very easy going with visitors and gorgeously charismatic.

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I heartily recommend Petite Siberians to anyone looking to bring one into their home. The whole experience was extremely positive. Your privacy will be respected. Brooklyn, New YorkUnited States. Petite Siberians Cattery Shops. Bushwick Brooklyn NYC! Will courier by plane!!!

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Teacup siberian cat

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