The Stolen Princess Full Movie 2019 Watch Online

The Stolen Princess Full Movie 2019 Watch Online

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Summary of The Stolen Princess Full Movie

Ruslan, a wandering artist who dreams of becoming a knight, meets and falls in love with the beautiful Mela. However, a demonic sorcerer kidnapped Mela, so Russell set out to save her.

Watch The Stolen Princess Full Movie Online

The Stolen Princess Full Movie 2019 Watch Online

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Story of The Stolen Princess Full Movie

Two sorcerers, Finn and Shernomore’s, are fiercely hostile to save Princess Nina, Art’s beloved wife. Art first gained the upper hand but was defeated by Shernomore’s. 

Who betrayed him by stepping on the “force field” and losing all his magical powers and youth, who moved to Shernomore’s. Nina transformed into a stone statue in exchange for the power of her love as a means of her magic.

In the present era, Russell, a wandering artist who dreams of becoming a knight, an eccentric and an aspiring playwright, is doing a short play written by Lester, in which he plays the role of Art and Shernomore’s. 

An adventurous and kind princess lives in the palace. He is furious with his life and is forcing her to marry him despite his father, King Vladimir, taking advantage of her, to travel the world and want adventure. 

One night, she sneaked out and was almost harassed by two gangsters until Ruslan arrived. He saved Miles from the men, and they fled. When the two are alone, Ruslan, afraid to do justice to his status, claims to be a knight.

The next day, they share romantic moments as they expand their feelings for each other. Unfortunately, to Russell’s surprise and horror, Mullah is abducted by Shernomore in a hurricane, he tries to chase after the fair but fails and faints. 

When he regains consciousness, he is confronted by the king, who mistakenly accuses him of kidnapping the princess. Ruslan tries to tell the truth, but no one believes him. Shernomore’s feeling is real, he consults Lester, and they go to the cave where a wise cat lives. 

Billy tells Russell that after every century, Shernomore kidnaps a princess who is in love and uses the power of her love to fill her magical powers. Many have come out to defeat him, but they are all gone.

The two ask for help to find Mullah where he shows them a magic whirlpool where they discover a magical place, and he gives them a pea pod as a “gift”. When they reach the mountain, a hamster suddenly steals the bean, and they chase it. But he realizes that he is supposed to give it up and unlock the dragon skeleton bridge.

Meanwhile, at Shernomore’s palace, Mullah wakes up on a bed and confronts Shernomore’s, who informs him of his plan to throw him on a rock after using his love for Russell. She tries to escape using the wizard’s magic hat, which hides the user. 

Shernomore performed a magic spell that revives all the sweets in her palace and attacks the festival, which she manages to defeat. Avoiding Shrinomore, he found the other princesses he had kidnapped, and they turned to stone.

When Russell and Leicester arrive at the cave, they meet a strange old man who has a wizard-like staff and asks Art to help him find where. However, the old man revealed that he is a fan. 

But the reason is that he has not been in contact with the outside world for a long time, because of which he is extremely forbidden to speak. With the help of Russell’s plan, he pretends to be a “magician” who uses “spells” to seduce him. 

Art, believing that its powers restored, tries to stop them. Russell and the gang pretend to die, just for them. When they get it, Russell asks where to find Shermoore and how to stop him, Art tells them that his castle made of rocks and his beard is the source of his power.

He told to cut it, but no one was able to do it, and he tells Ruslan that he needs a magic sword to do it. After asking for directions where to find the sword, they find it but protected by an army of skeletons and the moving head of a severed giant. 

The giant challenges Ruslan in exchange for the temple and the sword, but Ruslan manages to defeat them all, and they go to the palace of Shernomore’s.

When they arrive at the palace, they leave to meet. Ruslan finds the fair in a different outfit and shape and tells him she doesn’t need to save because she’s happy in the place. 

This breaks Russell’s heart. Descending, he slowly left the place. Suddenly, a giant monster attacked them. Lester tries to persuade Russell to fight, but he is reluctant to do so. 

His bird finds Mullah’s pendant and makes Ruslan realize that he is being deceived by Shernomore’s and that he dares to fight the monster.

After defeating the monster, they go to the place where the festival held and Ruslan and Shernomore, who turns into a dragon, engage in a fierce duel. Russell is defeated at first but manages to disqualify Shernomore’s by cutting off his beard. 

Shernomore lost control, and stone sculpture and art returned to normal. Russell tries to escape with the fair, but he’s stuck in the force field just like Art did before. Disappointed, Russell sacrificed his life to get Mela out of the trap. 

Mela and Lester try to save him but are interrupted by three knights, causing Russell’s spirit to disappear and leave him lifeless. Enraged, Mela fights three knights and defeats them all (including the tied Schnormoor).

Mela mourns Russell’s death and says she loves him so much. A new young art came and brought back Russell’s life. Lester and Finn and Nina reunited. 

Ruslan admits that he is not a real knight, but Mela admits it. She tells him that she still loves him no matter what, and they share their first kiss. Art performed fireworks, and they all live happily ever after. During the credit, Russell and Mela are getting married and living happily ever after.

Production of The Stolen Princess Full Movie

The Stolen Princess is a 2018 Ukrainian 3D animated fantasy film directed by Oleg Malamoz and based on the fairy tale of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin by Russell and Ludmila. The film The Stolen Princess Full Movie premiered in Ukraine on March 7, 2018.

The film The Stolen Princess Full Movie tells the story of a wandering artist, Ruslan, who rescues a princess who is kidnapped by a demonic magician named Chornmore.

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