Tips dating englishman

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London - by John Cameron - Unsplash. Share 1 Pin. Males are an interesting species — am I right, ladies? Although almost all men have certain characteristics and traits in common, there are cultural differences that can make navigating the dating world fairly tricky. Especially if you are in England. Sure, the Brits love to drink.

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And they have an abundance of men who seem to be single. London — by Robert Bye — Unsplash. Something about England is that the men are Tips dating englishman prideful people. Just avoid this situation at all costs. Prepare to be bowled over by pasta at these 5 Best Pasta Places in London. Image of Bucatini with Cornish mussels and seaweed butter sourced from Bancone official website. Typically, if you do that in England they will just take the answer and go with it.

As I said, the English are pretty straight-up and blunt people. Okay, so we all know this. The English and Irish are drinkers. They flock to the pubs, they order massive amounts of pints, and they just sit there all day and all night, loving every minute. Therefore, they are accustomed to drinking a lot, from a very young age.

Your man has started dating you because he likes YOU — not because he likes you, but wants you to be British. Just be yourself. I gotta say, the Brits are hilarious.

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Any event can turn into a night to remember with this lot. Yes, we know.

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The British accent is very cool. However, when you first start dating, be sure to actually listen to the meaning of the words coming out of his mouth, instead of just the way he says your name. London — by Clem Onojeghuo — Unsplash. They usually dress very well, keep up to date with the current styles, and enjoy looking put-together. English Premier League football is a huge part of the English culture. Men flock to the pubs to watch the games at all hours of the day, and proceed to get pretty drunk to their favorite team playing in the background.

Especially not a Liverpool fan. A combination of their humor, their accent, their drinking shenanigans, and their fun nature with you and with friends will keep you interested in your British men for a long time. Try dating, try playing the scene, and try to just have Tips dating englishman while potentially finding someone to settle down with. The positives and negatives of dating British men are for you to weigh against each other — but hey, at least we gave you some foolproof tips….

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Tips dating englishman

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So You Want to Date an Englishman