Top ten sexy websites

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Laura Gozzi Posted July 5, in Opinion. Last week, I was asked to write a piece about sexism on the internet. So, the internet is packed full with content that pretty much anyone would find rubbish at best and really offensive at worst; well, alright, but I knew that already. The real surprise came when I ran out of sexist websites and had to resort to Google to find more.

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Pretty much every article I came across offered female readers advice on ways to improve their looks or their whole self for the benefit of men. And in such a respected, well-established publication? By demeaning women, it demeans men too, as they are perceived as the gullible recipients of endless seduction techniques, and reinforces the common assumption they are only capable of shallow sexual relationships void of any real emotional attachment. Posted in More 18 hours ago. Posted in More 1 week ago.

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Top ten sexy websites

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