Virginia pets for sale

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When you support NPA, you are helping make Virginia a safer place for homeless animals. We are not a giant organization. Those working with us are very grassroots and every tiny bit counts in a big way. We are constantly looking at s and how we can help those who need it most. Our goal is to make Virginia a leader in Animal Welfare. Communication services generously provided by Ninja. Support Our Mission. Dedicated Small Team We are not a giant organization. This rescue is the real deal.

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The love and affection for each animal is obvious. The volunteers are knowledgeable and dedicated to their little charges and work hard to make sure they are placed in safe and loving homes. I searched and communicated with several rescues and NPA is highly communicative, extremely personal and quick. I love my new puppy Winnie! After several very frustrating and disheartening experiences with other rescues over several months, I found Nova Pets Alive. This rescue exists in the real world instead of the world of unreasonable personal beliefs.

Their process makes sense for ALL involved. They truly do what they do for the best interest of the animals. Everyone was wonderful to speak with and work with.

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This is the kind of rescue that all rescues should strive to be like. I am so thankful that I found Nova Pets Alive and that they brought my dog into my life. We had a great time adopting Reggie. We got to meet two different dogs then found the perfect dog for our home. The process was easy and NPA was there to answer our questions the whole way! This is a dedicated group of true animal lovers who ensure that every animal finds the right forever home.

Such a fantastic organization!! Everyone involved gives their all for the pets in their care. So thankful they are able to pull the shelter kitties and get them the homes and medical attention they deserve! Keep up the great work!! I have taken Foster kittens from Nova Pets Alive twice. It has been an incredibly great experience. The staff is very well organized, they supplied me with food and medicine. They would have given me other supplies if needed.

Arranging for them to go to the next family was all taken care of when I was no longer able to keep them.

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I highly recommend fostering for this group. Or adopting a kitten from them! Both my kitties were rescued by NVPA, and they're extremely well-adjusted. The fosters do an amazing job with the cats, and the adoption process is quick and painless. The NVPA people work hard and really care about our four-legged friends. Thank you for all that you do!

Virginia pets for sale

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