When boyfriend doesnt call

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Text Only or maybe he calls so rarely that you are feeling taken for granted. In the world of digital communication, you may still long to have your guy call you every once in awhile because, well, it feels more connected. You feel special. You feel thought of. I propose that that desire to punish is ingrained in us from an early age making getting over his lack of phone calling a toughie. Case in point is my video below to prove how even a 6 year old girl, Janet, has punishment ideas when the thought of a boyfriend not calling her.

Along for the ride is 4 year old Everest. for the video. The funny relationship advice from this cute young girl may ring true for what you WISH you could do! And, even though it is funny, your adult version of condemning him for not calling you is not working for you. Or for him. Well, you can think it, but it will add to your misery. Compare that to when you WANT to talk and are relaxed and in the right head space.

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Your guy will double not like you calling. You initiated and you interrupted him. So flip that. Do you really want a man who you would have to get his parents to remind him to pay attention to you? Best to ride it out, date others, and see if he has any desire to make you a more frequent contact.

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The Bachelor In Paradise perfectly illustrated this over and over and over. It never worked. But the women who hung back and let the men come to them Raven, Emily, Christen had many more prospects and attention.

As you grow and learn and gain wisdom with men and your own heart, you might as well laugh along the way. I hope you found this blog article. Share a story below, if you would, about how your calling him or talking to his parents backfired. And this was a situation that would have traumatized me easily for 2 months—and Christine vaporized it!

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When boyfriend doesnt call

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What To Do When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Call